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Bachelor of International Studies

通过研究涵盖人权研究的跨学科项目,帮助理解和应对当代世界秩序面临的诸多挑战, environmental politics, media and international security.

In this program you will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of international institutions and global governance
  • 了解国际人权、国际安全以及亚太地区的政治
  • Use your elective courses to specialise in a chosen area of interest
  • 当你研究和提出利记下载国际政治的论点时,培养出较强的批判性分析和沟通技巧
  • 在政府或非政府组织实习的机会




Entry threshold

51.00 ATAR/Rank


3 years 3 years 全日制或同等学历兼读制 Only a full-time option is available to international students on a Student visa. Online programs are not available to Student visa holders.
全日制或同等学历兼读制 Only a full-time option is available to international students on a Student visa. Online programs are not available to Student visa holders.

Indicative fees

Indicative 2022 fees ($AUD)

A$14,624 CSP
A$24,400 / A$73,200 Annual fee / Estimated total fee
Annual fee / Estimated total fee

QTAC code



  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2

  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
Delivery mode
  • Blended Learning
Total courses
Total units
3 years 3 years
UniSC program code
Program coordinator
Program structure

INT101 Introduction to International Relations: An Australian Perspective
INT102 Global Environmental Politics

PLUS select 2 courses (24 units) from:

GEO100 The Changing Planet
HIS140 《全球公民:人类历史
SCS110 澳大利亚社会:它是如何运作的? - An Introduction to Sociology


JST202 《国际正义与人权
INT245 Politics of the USA
INT250 国际政治中的变革力量
INT257 International Security
INT274 东亚政治与安全
INT335 国际关系理论与实践
INT370 Politics and the Media
INT300 政工实习

PLUS select 4 courses (48 units) from:

ENS204 缓解和适应气候变化
HIS240 Nationalism and Identity in the 20th Century: Themes and Tensions
LAW410 Public International Law
LAW412 International Human Rights Law
SCS201 国际社会发展与全球正义
SCS230 《认识社会:社会理论导论

Elective courses (8) 96 units

Select 8 elective courses from the undergraduate elective course options.

注:程序结构可能会有变化. 并非所有的利记官网app下载课程都在每个利记官网app下载校园开设.

Study sequences

This study sequence reflects the current program structure. Continuing students must follow their commencing structure, which can be found in the previous student handbooks.

Student profile

Explore the likely peer cohort in the student profile data

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In UniSC admitted new student{{ studentProfile.model.allStudents > 1 || studentProfile.model.allStudents[0] === '<' ? 's': "}}在{{studentProfile.getLocationByCode() }} campus
Applicant background No. of students % of all students

<5 - the number of students is less than 5
N/P -未公布:数字被隐藏,以防止计算少于5名学生的单元格中的数字.

调整后的ATARs是对学生ATAR +合格调整因素的计算,用于决定是否录取. The raw ATAR is the student's rank before any adjustments are applied.

Entry requirements

进入大多数利记官网app下载本科学位课程, 你需要完成最低水平的教育,类似于成功完成澳大利亚12年级的成绩.

Further studies, for example, 在学院或大学的一个学期或更长时间, can also be considered for entry and may give you credit transfer towards a degree.

利记官网app下载将考虑的上中学资格的一些例子和最低等级指南被列出 here. 这些是最低要求,并不能保证进入. 一些课程可能要求更高的分数. Alternative qualifications may also be considered on a case by case basis.

如果你的资格(按国家分组)没有列出, send the qualification transcripts with your application form to the International Office for assessment.

English language requirements

If English is not your first language, you also need to meet the minimum English language requirements for your chosen program. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, you may like to enrol in one of our English Language Programs.

Minimum entry threshold


Location ATAR/Rank
Sunshine Coast 51.00
Recommended prior study
Program requirements
Program requirements

In order to graduate you must:

  • Successfully complete 288 units as outlined in the Program Structure
  • Complete no more than 10 introductory level (100 coded) courses
 Program notes
  • 在规定的时间内(全日制)完成该课程,每学期学习48个单元点(通常为4门课程)
  • The unit value of all courses is 12 units unless otherwise specified
  • 根据课程要求正确注册是每个学生的责任, program rules and requirements and be aware of the academic calendar dates
  • 这个项目中的课程使用多种评估方法,其中可能包括论文, seminar presentations, reports, in-class tests and examinations
  • 作为阳光海岸大学课程的一部分,您可以申请 Study Overseas to undertake courses with an overseas higher education provider
  • Only a full-time study option is available to international students on a Student Visa
  • Refer to the Managing your progression 页面以获取帮助,帮助您理解程序结构, 回顾你的进度并计划接下来的课程.
Inherent academic requirements


Refer to 国际关系学士- Inherent academic requirements

利记官网app下载 strongly supports the rights of all people to pursue studies. The University embraces diversity and endeavours to accommodate all students.


一个程序的IARs是那些基本技能, 能力和知识,学生必须能够证明,以实现基本的学习成果的项目, 同时保持这个项目的学术诚信.


利记官网app下载 is committed to making reasonable adjustments to teaching and learning, assessment, placement and other activities to enable students to participate in their program.

Reasonable adjustments must not fundamentally change the nature of the IAR.

Consideration is given to a student's cultural and religious background/beliefs, which may impact on participation in their program or course. For further information contact Student Support.


IARs确保一个项目的学术诚信得到维护,并保护大学的学习, 评估及认可程序. They must be met by all students.

How does this affect you?

成功完成利记官网app下载的课程, you need to be able to meet all the Inherent Academic Requirements.

如果你正在申请一个项目, you should read the IAR statement carefully to ensure you are able to meet them.

如果你有残疾或慢性疾病, 联系利记官网app下载的残疾顾问,讨论可能会进行的调整,以便您能够满足要求.

Career opportunities

  • Foreign affairs
  • Government
  • International business
  • International management
  • International marketing
  • Interpreting/translating
  • Media
  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Tourism

先手计划- 11或12年级

The Headstart program lets you study uni subjects while you’re still in high school. 如果你成功地完成了两门Headstart课程, you’ll get a selection rank that you could use to get into uni.

提早入学保证计划- 12年级

The Early Offer Guarantee scheme 使12年级的学生在校长推荐的基础上获得利记官网app下载的名额.


If you:

  • 完成12年级(不管多久以前)
  • have a TAFE/VET qualification
  • 有相关工作经验,还是
  • have studied at university before (even if you didn’t complete your studies)

You may be eligible for a selection rank, which can help you get into uni. For more detailed information selection ranks and how applications are assessed, visit Admissions explained.

Tertiary Preparation Pathway

If you don’t have qualifications or experience that will give you a selection rank, you can complete the Tertiary Preparation Pathway 作为一个垫脚石. 您也可以使用TPP来完成学科先决条件.

如果你有一段时间没学习的话, TPP is also a great way to brush up on essential study skills like critical reading, 作业的撰写和引用.

它还可以建立你对学位所需要的学科领域的知识和信心, like science or maths. TPP课程对符合资格的国内学生免费.


根据你成功的潜力,你可能有资格直接进入利记官网app下载学位 利记官网app下载的本土直接入境和准入计划(IDEAS). All you have to do is complete an online application through our website.

CSP estimate
Annual tuition fee ($AUD, 2022)
预计总学费($AUD, 2022)

Commonwealth supported places

联邦资助的学额由澳大利亚政府提供大量补贴,因此学生只需支付“学生贡献”额. 学生捐款金额将根据您所学习的课程和政府提供的资金数额而有所不同.

If you accept a Commonwealth supported place 你是英联邦资助的学生. 作为一个英联邦资助的学生,你必须为你的教育费用做出贡献(除非你注册的是授权或 Tertiary Preparation Pathway courses) with the majority of the cost met by the Commonwealth Government.

Commonwealth supported places are only available to domestic students. 作为一名国内学生,你有资格在符合条件的项目中获得英联邦资助的名额,前提是:

  • 符合公民身份和居住要求
  • complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF)
  • meet the University's entry requirements for your chosen program.

International fee-paying places






国内申请人通过昆士兰高等院校招生中心(QTAC)申请入学. Some applicants may be eligible to apply direct to 利记官网app下载 if they meet certain criteria.

Find out about how to apply and key application closing dates.

No matter what kind of future you’re looking for, you can find it at 利记官网app下载. 利记下载的课程为你开启任何职业目标提供了选择和灵活性.

Visit How to apply 简单的步骤来提交您的国际学生申请,并从今天开始您的阳光海岸大学体验.


阳光海岸大学已指定代表协助您提交申请,并提供有关您开始学习所需完成的步骤的信息. You can contact a 利记官网app下载 Representative in your area.

Any questions? Contact us.

QTAC code

Location QTAC code
Sunshine Coast 011021
Experiential learning through industry placements and projects
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